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The Nevaeh Seniah honey is produced by the beautiful Italian Queens and their troopers, currently in two hives. I chose this type of bee, based on the experience of my beekeeper he has had with this breed. Their viability, honey production and gentleness is what I was looking for. My bee troopers will be making honey on the farm from nearby areas on wild plants and flowers along my creek, the fig tree, two Granny Smith apple trees, cherry tree and several blueberry bushes. These troopers will be able to produce honey from all organically grown plants and flowers on my farm and the neighboring farm which is also organic. Since their is absolutely no way to prove that each bee receives pollen from an organic plant kind of makes it impossible to become USDA Certified Organic Honey producer. I will be working towards becoming Certified Naturally Grown. And I will know that my bee troopers have been raised organically to produce a better tasting honey and provide better health for you and me. Once honey is available for resale, buttons will be added to this page for purchase. Bee-patient