Storm Trooper Honey

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Sold Out 🍯 🐝 for Summer 2023

The Nevaeh Seniah honey is produced by Italian Queens and their Storm Troopers, located in a peaceful sunshine location on the farm. Each colony has a Queen appropriately named just as her Storm Troopers. I chose this Italian breed of bee, based on experiences of my beekeeper with this type. Their viability, honey production and gentleness is exactly what I was looking for. My bee Storm Troopers will be making honey on the farm from nearby areas on wild plants and flowers along my creek, white clover, fig, Granny Smith Apple, Cherry, Tulip Poplar trees, and several flowering blueberry and raspberry bushes. These Storm Troopers are able to produce honey from all the organically grown plants and flowers on my farm. Since their is absolutely no way to prove that each bee receives pollen and nectar from an organic plant, it definitely makes it impossible to become as a USDA Certified Organic Honey producer. I became Certified Naturally Grown in March of 2022 and you can be assured that my bee Storm Troopers have been raised as organically as possible to produce a better tasting honey for you and me. I do not treat my beehives with anything but organic approved treatment plans that follow Certified Naturally Grown procedures.

Summer 2023

When the honey was extricated and bottled, I prepared to sell it at

The Market at Sims Pond Farm in July.

Well, the word got out and I sold out in one day.

Bee-patient, I might be able to pull honey one more time this summer.

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