My Storm Troopers
The story of naming my flock ‘Storm Troopers’ began with the purchase of six Guinea Fowl to resolve our tick problem. Being fans of Star Wars and knowing that predators will eventually get them, I wanted to number them instead of having names. Kind of my way to be less attached if and when one passes. So my first six were #1-#6. When another bird gets added, the number goes higher. All of my Storm Troopers free range on the farm for the egg flock. I supplement their feed with only certified organic feed purchased locally.
Egg Flock Troopers
#31 is a pure bred Cream Legbar hen and wonderful blue egg layer.
This is #24. She is a pure bred Cream Legbar and lays the most beautiful sky blue eggs. She is friendly and loves to follow me around the farm.
This is rooster #36, a Russian Pavlovskaya. He has the best crowing sounds, the cutest feathery legs.
#28 is my head Rooster on the entire farm. He is a great protector of all birds and has my back if any rooster sneaks behind me. He is the sweetest and best Cream Legbar I have.
#25 and #19 are my only pure bred Golden Laced Wyandotte hens. They are the best cream colored egg layers. They love to forage all around the farm for bugs and grass.
This is hen #20. She is a blend of Wyandotte and Black Copper Marans with a silver lacing down her back. She is a great egg producer and very sweet.
#27 is a Black Copper Marans hen with a great big fluffy butt that produces huge chocolate brown speckled eggs. She is sweet and is one of the best foragers on the farm.
#34 is a Pavlovskaya Rooster which is a Russian type breed. He is docile and born disabled. He walks with a limp and hops to move faster. My heart is overflowing for him always.
Ayam Cemani are not considered pure bred if not all black. #33 has his faults, so he was put into the egg production flock. He has the best crow and protects the flock from predators.
Guinea Fowl Troopers
#2 is my lead male Guinea Fowl. His color is Brown and he is two years old and is very protective over the property and his flock. I will be adding more to their flock when I can find the clutch of eggs.
This is #4, a Coral Blue...even though she is very violet in the sunshine and she is two years old. Her and #2 are from my first six guineas. I am waiting for her eggs so I can incubate to get more just like her.
This is #7. She is almost two years old. Her color is unknown but beautiful. She has produced some beautiful keets and I am hoping for more this year, as long as she stays on the farm.