Swedish Flower Hens
Swedish Flower Hens are the largest breed of chickens native to Sweden. They are considered a landrace bird. This breed was not intentionally created by a breeder as part of a structured breeding program but was created through natural selection as the breed adapted to the climate and conditions of southern Sweden. They are a very hearty bird, can adapt to colder temperatures and are a dual purpose bird (egg layer and meat bird). Rooster: 5 1/2 to 8 pounds Hens: 4 1/2 to 5 1/2 pounds Eggs: Hens can lay up to 150 cream colored to pale brown colored eggs per year. Medium to extra large in size. Pullets start out laying smaller eggs and the eggs increase in size as the pullets reach full maturity. Life span of a Swedish Flower Hen can be 10 years old. Only a few hens out of your flock will become broody enough to hatch eggs. Most eggs will need to be incubated for 21 days to be hatched. Roosters are very poised and confident. They are never aggressive towards their caretakers and any other visitor that come on a constant basis, such as a postal worker and delivery driver. Roosters are very intelligent, are constantly aware of their surroundings watching out for danger, and are quick learners. Hens are friendly and prefer to be within the flock or nearby their caretakers. Colors can range from red, yellow, black and even blue. Whitish spots at the tips of their feathers make the appearance look speckled or flowered feathering. Combs can be floppy, some more some less. In colder climates, you will need to monitor the comb of the rooster for frostbite. The Snow Leopard is the rarest color pattern where white tips of the feathers are replaced by black. Ear lobes are red, eyes are orange/yellow in color. Body shape is round and robust. Legs are not feathered, pink, light tan, yellow, pink/tan-mottled or yellow mottled. Currently the Swedish Flower Hen is not a recognized breed by the American Poultry Association.
Currently eggs are expected mid-June and chicks shortly after.
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